Susan Rukeyser

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The Kissing Booth is open at Sundog Lit! Works inspired by Leesa Cross-Smith's collection, Every Kiss a War. Includes my flash Round of Blues.

3 spoken word videos in the March issue of Gravel!

My review of Kim Triedman's The Other Room is at Necessary Fiction

@escarp published one of my Twitter stories. All Twitter publications are collected here.


My current home is the South, USA, but I hail from New England and dream of life in the Mojave. My family tree features several writers, including the American poet Muriel Rukeyser and the Manx novelist Hall Caine. I work hard with gifts sent down through blood.

A Skidmore College fiction award winner, I was an art major until I switched to the infinitely more practical English/creative writing. My Creative Writing MA is from Lancaster University, UK. I was a Senior Book Buyer for the wholesaler Baker & Taylor until I left to devote myself to mothering and writing.

I write to escape, to belong, and because I can’t stop. Believe it, I’ve tried.

My work appears in numerous publications. Click here for a complete list.

For a while I owned a tiny used bookstore in the Hudson Valley, New York. It was there I met the inspiration for Marko, the protagonist of my as-yet unpublished novel, Not on Fire, Only Dying. Click here to read a synopsis and excerpt.

Right this moment I’m probably writing, or parenting, or dreaming of the desert, but why not say hello?