Susan Rukeyser
I write because I can't stop. Believe it, I've tried.
Recent News

“Believe It, She’s Tried” was named a finalist in the Cobalt 2014 Frank McCourt Creative Nonfiction Prize. It will be published in their annual print issue.

New fiction, "Things Break Easily in My Big Hands," published by Luna Luna  and cross-posted at Ravishly.

Kudzu Review's latest issue includes my flash, "Invasive Species."

Announced: Wigleaf's Top 50 (Very) Short Fictions of 2014. My story "Some Kind of Comfort" made the Longlist.

Tonight I wished for a tick back in time. To a moment before Jordyn was shot. I visualized myself in that lawn chair, cup of champagne in hand, but this time hearing the gunshot. Reacting with a mother’s instinct, dragging Jordyn by her skinny arm as a bullet slammed into crabgrass where she just was, where champagne just spilled.

I wished hard, for a while.

from: Some Kind of Comfort

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